Blackheath Public School

A community-based school offering an outstanding education.

Telephone02 4787 8253

About our school

Blackheath Public School, located in the upper Blue Mountains, prides itself on being a community school. Many parents and community members play an important role in school functions and help to give the school its reputation for quality education. At Blackheath Public School we acknowledge the capacity of all young people to learn and the role of the school in developing this capacity. We also acknowledge the role of parents as the first educators of their children and the central role of teachers in the learning process. 

Our school provides a foundation for our students' intellectual, physical, social, moral, spiritual and aesthetic development. Blackheath Public School provides a secure and happy learning environment in which our students are able to develop the necessary knowledge, skills, understandings and values for a productive and rewarding life in an educated, just and open society.

Blackheath Public School