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Hi Parents and Carers,                                                                                                                                              As we approach the end of Term 3 a sense of normalcy is returning to BPS aided by the recent events held on school grounds. The P+C disco was a great success (lighting issues and a general lack of glowsticks notwithstanding) and the Billy Cart Derby run by the school staff and ably assisted by canteen staff and volunteers (and wonderful cake donations). The P+C also ran a Father’s Day stall last week – many thanks to Mel for all of her efforts in organizing the Father’s Day stall and the disco. It is heartening to see a return of events replete with carers, parents and grandparents creating a tangible and physical sense of community that has been missing these past few years. It is in these moments that we can catch up, take stock and appreciate that we are interconnected and stronger together. As we have seen a shift to less face to face activities it is important to remember that schools have always been a meeting place, and are best served by the full range of social interactions and community input.                                         On that note: our P+C may have a small executive but we and the school have a huge cast of helpers and assistants across a range of activities – so in the spirit of patting you all on the back: A big thank you to Mel our fundraising co-ordinator,); Alex our treasurer; Ylva, Dyani and Christine in the canteen with helpers Karl, Bronwyn and Lais; Liz for the Uniform shop (among other things); Daniel and Chris for Breakfast Club; Phil, Jerome and Jacob for help in the      garden, Bronwyn (for everything but also especially special thanks for emergency fly-in pre Billy Cart derby), our three  ex-students Geoffrey, Alma and Miette for awesome work on the front counter during the disco and Lorraine and Lindsay, Stuart, Angela and Daniel for help at the Disco and Billy Cart derby. Thank you also to the Windsor family for donations of produce for the canteen and to all the families who donated cakes for both the disco and the Billy Cart derby, and also to Vanessa Freeman who, even though her children have left these hallowed halls still donates her time and expertise to entice a new generation of orienteers into the great outdoors. I am sure there are plenty of others I may have missed – if so, your efforts are appreciated!        A super extra big thank you to the teaching staff for their assistance at the disco – their commitment to the wellbeing of their students at an after hours event is exemplary. Taken as a whole we are blessed to have a strong community to call on. Thank you for everything! We are currently working on a top secret event for next term, and will let you know closer to the date!!!                                                                              In less happy news, we are losing our fabulous Ylva Rose at the end of this term as she heads home to Sweden with her family in Term 4 – Ylva: our hearts go with you as does our yearning for cream, butter and sugar. Take care and know that you have many friends here. And potential bakery customers                                                                          Morgan Boehringer P&C President