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If the note you require is not below please be aware that notes for each activity are also available as a download on the date of the event on the Calendar

Additional enrolment permission information      Additional enrolment permission information

Parent/Teacher interviews             Parent/Teacher Interviews

ICAS Competition                             ICAS Competition

Handheld Device survey                   Handheld Device survey

Technology program                       Technology program

BOOSH  vacation care                   Spring Vacation Care

Boosh Booking Form                       Winter Booking Form

Behaviour Code                                behaviour Code 

Anti Bullying Plan                                 Anti Bullying Plan

Start of year note package                     Start of year note package existing students     Start of year note package kindergarten

2021 Instrumental program                  2021 Instrumental program

Student computer use agreement        technology agreement Kindergarten                 Years 1-6 technology agreement

Tell Tem From Me survey                    Tell Them From Me

Kindergarten information                     Kindergarten information (pdf 340 KB)

Kindi and Stage 1 newsletter                 Kindi and Stage 1 term newsletter

K-1 Nessy Program                                 K-1 Nessy program  Update note

Stage 1 Recorder program                    Stage 1 Recorder program

Stage 1 parent information                   Stage 1 Parent Information    

Stage 1 homework                                Stage 1 homework (pdf 81 KB)

Stage 1 home reading                          Stage 1 home reading (pdf 879 KB

Stage 2 homework                               Stage 2 homework (pdf 489 KB)           

Stage 2 payments                                Stage 2 payments

Stage 2 and 3 equipment list              Stage 2 and 3 equipment list 2021

Stage 2 term newsletter                      Stage 2 term newsletter 

Stage 2 Giving for Good                    Stage 2 Giving for Good

Stage 3 Bulb Fundraiser                     Stage 3 Bulb Fundraiser

Stage 3 homework                               Stage 3 homework 2018 (pdf 23 KB)

Stage 3 Term newsletter                     Stage 3 Term Newsletter

Year 6 Jumper                                      Year 6 Jumper        

High school expression of interest    High school expression of interest  

High School Enrichment class           High School Enrichment class                             

PG DVD note                                       PG DVD note (pdf 70 KB)                                                                          

Snow information                               snow contact information (pdf 486 KB)    snow policy (pdf 36 KB)